Simply put, photography is a way to make time stand still. It’s a way to capture life’s milestones, like high school seniors and weddings; as well as those everyday moments of the here and now with family portraits. Your memories of these moments may fade, but the images from Preferred Photography will forever tell your story.

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What is the most important thing to look for when selecting a Wedding Photographer? You want to select someone who will capture those special memories in the style that is you.













Weddings can vary from extremely elegant, formal affairs to very casual, family gatherings. Photographers also range from having a very formal portrait style to having a very candid journalistic style.









If you envision your Wedding Day as an opportunity to capture very stylized images of yourself and friends, an expert photojournalist might not capture the formals you want.  Conversely, if you see Your Day as a very informal gathering of friends, a very formal style might not capture, and could interrupt, the festive mood of the day. signed frame Anguswed-8321a






























Our philosophy at Preferred Photography is to offer a blend of the styles. We try to ensure that each Wedding Portfolio includes the formal portraits our clients want.










Then, we utilize a very informal style that allows the couple to enjoy themselves, while we capture the candid moods of their wedding day. The amount of emphasis on each depends on the personalities and desires of the bride and groom.

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At Preferred Photography, we prefer to work with the settings that the bride and groom have selected for their Wedding. In most cases, we will utilize the place you choose as a framework for the images. This usually allows us to work quicker and still deliver quality images. When the setting requires, we will bring in studio equipment to enhance the formal poses. The most important point being that I try to work flexibly to capture the unique personality of Your Wedding.


At the end of the day, most professional photographers will give you quality images. We strive to give you quality images that show off the settings you choose, as well as capture the excitement and celebration of you, your family and your friends. The goal is to give you the memories you will cherish for a lifetime, while allowing you to enjoy Your Special Day.



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Wedding photography pricing begins at $1600.00 at Preferred Photography. This includes full day coverage, a second photographer,  at least 400 proofs(usually more), a DVD slideshow set to music and a complimentary engagement or Formal Bridal Portrait session!

All other items (Wedding Albums, Gallery Wraps, Parent Keepsake Books, Photographs, Collages, and many more) can be ordered at very reasonable prices. This helps you stay within budget. It also means you get only those items you really need, instead of ordering from a "package" that somebody else decided that you want. For more information on pricing, please call 404-236-9102 or go here.

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